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What Women Are Saying About femmesil*...

  • Terrasil is the only product that works and gives me total relief from all itchiness and burning.**
    This review was submitted to Shopper Approved on September 21st, 2016.

    Joan Rickard
  • So far so good! I love this product. Ordered it off Amazon first. It's the only thing I've found that truly seems to help. I recommend it to everyone.**
    This review was submitted to Shopper Approved on July 2nd, 2016.

    Linda Brown
  • This cream is excellent...what a relief!!! I am going to reorder immediately.

  • I absolutely love this product. I have found nothing else that compares to its gentle, yet highly effective way of restoring the natural balance.

    Nancy C.2/22/2013
  • Great product, after trying EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN, this helps sooo much. Thanks!

  • I cannot live without this product. I am prone to yeast infections and when i have a flare up Femmesil cream is my best friend! I have used so many other products but this one by far is my favorite!

    Jennifer S.11/2/2012
  • After using the Femmesil I wanted to give the developers a high five. Love your products.

  • I'm sold.

  • I feel so good, no odor, no infection. #blessed

    suezee sue9/15/2013
  • There is no comparison for feminine itching, with all the other so-called products on the market claiming to help this problem. When I first discovered this product I was desperate because nothing else I had tried had given me total relief. I thank the day my search engine came upon this product. Yes, I was leary at first and the price seemed high, but then when you're suffering you're willing to pay anything. I have continued to promote this to others because I know it simply WORKS!!!!

  • This product is amazing. I have been trying all kinds of over the counter creams for the last few months with no improvement. After 2 days of applying this cream the itch and irritation is so much better. It really works.

    Doreen Storic8/17/2013
  • This product is so awesome. for the last 3/4 years I've had a strong embarrassing vaginal odor. I've been to the doctors numerous times for it, I tried a gynecologist as well over the years and nothing at all they ever gave me would help it. I purchased some of this months ago but i never used it i just assumed it wouldn't help like all I've been prescribed for it. Until I saw and was reading some peoples comments on here about it. So I thought 'I've got nothing to lose but the embarrassing odor if it works.' And it actually worked the next day - after my 1st application the odor was completely gone. I continued using it for 3/4 days anyway... something that's finally worked for me. I've been odorless for a week now from it. I’m hoping it will stay that way for me. It ruined my sex life over the years since and because the strong smell.... But using this product was a miracle... :) hopefully my body stays like this odor-free.

  • Did the job. Glad I have it on hand now.

    Arleen Rooney5/24/2013
  • Excellent product such a relief it saved me so much on dr appt. will definitely recommend this product to every woman I know.

    Tabatha J.5/24/2013
  • This is great stuff, good results without chemicals and burning from other products. I tell all my friends about Femmesil. I wouldn't use any other product.

  • I am very happy with the product and have experienced some relief from using it. Will continue to use as needed. Thanks!

  • I was so happy to finally get relief from my vaginal itching issue. I would order it again.

  • Very good for vaginal itch. I highly recommend this to all women who experience the vaginal itch. One application will relieve the condition.

  • This cream is excellent!! I had tried all the store brand creams and this is the only one that gave me relief. I highly recommend it, and I will continue using it. Also, I like that it is made from natural products.

  • I have tried so many products that have not worked & finally, finally I have found relief. Thank you- thank you- thank you.

  • I'm so thankful I found this product!!!


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