Preventing a Yeast Infection This Summer

Staying in the clear during the summer months may seem tougher than any other time of year. This is because yeast thrives in warm, dark, moist places. The humidity certainly does not HELP a yeast infection! Add on the frequent use of a wet/damp swimsuit and you may have fungal infection to worry about.

No need to fret, though. With the proper care and hygiene, you can avoid a yeast infection this season. Here are just a few tips to help you do so…

  • Opt for breathable, cotton panties.
  • Avoid using perfumed/scented bath products, lotions, or powders on your lady bits.
  • Take off the suit! Replace those damp bikini bottoms with something dry after swimming to prevent yeast growth.
  • Afternoon jog? Change your underwear as soon as possible, as they may be damp with sweat.
  • Wear a panty liner in your underwear to absorb moisture that may buildup.
  • Avoid using petroleum-based lubricants during intercourse. It is much wiser to use a water-based lubricant.

Staying dry and clean is the key to avoiding an infection this summer. We hope that these tips have helped.

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